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What is Change Management and why is it important?

Change Management is the business of helping people adopt new ideas, to drive a better outcome from any change project and an improved return on investment from any initiative.

As with so many apparently simple things, the idea behind Change Management can be grasped in a moment, but takes years of practice and skill to perfect. It relies on established processes, tools and techniques to help people understand the need for change, how it will affect them and the benefits it will deliver. Done well it enables the adoption of new ideas to happen smoothly and easily, in turn delivering a more beneficial outcome at the end of a project.

“The number one obstacle to success for major projects is employee resistance and the ineffective management of the people side of change”
Prosci best practice benchmarking study
Change Management sets us up to:
  1. Deliver increased benefits from the transformation
  2. Reduce disruption during the transformation programme
  3. Restore normal productivity more quickly

At Oaklin, Change Management is not a peripheral activity on a project, it is a core part of how we achieve the results we do. It is not to be confused with ‘change control’, or project management of change, it is a discrete, disciplined, and structured part of our delivery approach and one we never skip. Using it effectively can transform the otherwise difficult and time-consuming business of rolling out new ideas, processes, or technology.

To help gauge the need for Change Management support, we have created a diagnostic tool, easily completed within five minutes, that provides a simple but comprehensive view of your organisation’s preparedness for managing the people side of change.

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